Can Apple Products be Hacked

Hacking has become a very serious threat with the recent increase in computer-related crimes. On average, more than 30 thousand computers are hacked each day. A few of these cases include hacking into emails or social media accounts to access personal information. These cybercriminals try to find information that they can use for their own benefits including stealing money, identity theft, and blackmail users. Of late Apple systems have also become victims of hackers who’re breaching security by using methods like Ransomware – where hackers make data inaccessible until the victim pays them money, Phishing – where users are duped into giving away login details on fake websites, Spear phishing – which involves attacks against specific individuals like CEOs etc., Keylogging which gives hackers unauthorized access to user accounts and much more.

It is believed that Apple products are far much better at security than other devices which also explains the soaring sales of iPhones, iPads etc., but still there have been instances where these apple products have also fallen victim to hackers. Let’s take a look at how exactly these hackers make their way inside your apple device.

  1 . Unauthorized Access

         Hackers usually gain unauthorized access to Apple products like iPhones, iPads etc by taking advantage of loopholes in the software or by tricking users into downloading malicious apps on their devices. If you think your device has already been compromised then you should immediately install an anti-virus for Macs.

  2 . Distributed Denial Of Service Attack (DDOS)

         Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks make use of infected computers connected to the internet. The hackers take advantage of security vulnerabilities in routers and connected devices like webcams to infect as many devices as possible. When a DDOS attack is initiated, the target machine or device finds it extremely difficult to connect with other machines on the network because all those devices are being used by hackers.    

  3 . Social Engineering

         It is always advised to not click on any suspicious looking links from unknown senders who could be the hacker trying to gain access into your apple product probably disguised as a friend or a relative, but see that you don’t fall prey to their strategies. Hackers have been known to dump malicious links through emails and text messages. So whenever you receive a link from your friends, check the origin first before clicking on it.

  4 . USB Drive

         Another method that has been widely used by hackers is using a USB drive as a place for storing malware. This can be done by physically connecting the USB to your device or running certain scripts which again allows access to your Apple product’s files leading to data loss if not immediately detected.         Thus, enabling security protocols like Two-factor authentication (2FA) will definitely help improve personal data protection on all Apple devices and make it much more difficult for hackers looking to break into them.

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