Home Audio Hurricane Proof Installations

Are you considering a home audio system for your humble habitat? If you are considering a home audio system you may also want to consider making it hurricane proof and weatherproof and that includes the ability to withstand a lightning strike on your home. Home audio systems can be very expensive and chances are during a large storm you will want to turn on the music and forget about the weather outside.

7PiXL Multimedia Group is an industry leader throughout the Dallas, Plano, and Frisco area in providing the latest, cutting-edge technology in multimedia, access control and surveillance, security camera installation, key card access, gate control and security system installation, maintenance, and monitoring for multifamily housing projects, commercial, office, industrial, and residential projects. Not only do we design systems that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, our team is trained to work in concert with building professionals, general contractors, etc. to integrate systems into new or retrofit offices, multifamily complexes, or homes.

The only problem with this scenario is the weather has not forgotten about you. For instance if you live in a mobile home, they are considered “Tornado Magnets” and you are sure to get hit with a Tornado. But a hurricane will bring with it very strong winds like a Tornado, as well as lightning and thunderstorms, which can last for 10 to 12 hours before it passes.

7pixl and our team of Security and Access control experts also bring their considerable experience to residential home automation control and security camera installation. Our access to various product lines allow us to tailor fit a residential system to any budget, and deliver a quality, completed project that will please the most demanding customer! From a new home theater or entertainment room to a full-blown state-of-the-art security camera installation, rest assured that the design, install and implementation of your system are performed professionally and properly, ensuring your safety and maximum enjoyment of your system.

This is a lot for your home to endure and the chances of a lightning strike are far greater during this time period. You should therefore consider this when installing your home audio system of the potential eventuality of a lightning strike on your house. If you do not have a home audio system yet and you are going to batten down the hatches and refuse to evacuate, then perhaps while the power is out it might be a good time to install a home audio system.

We don’t stop there though, 7pixl can also set up your Audio/Visual system for your new office space as well! With our years of experience, along with the flexibility to develop custom solutions for everyone from small businesses to enterprise organizations, 7pixl can help you build an office with a professional Audio/Visual suite to impress your clients and employees. We also offer Structured Wiring solutions to allow your Television, Audio/Visual, and Internet services to be delivered where needed without clutter. All of our integrated commercial and office AV and control systems are custom designed and tailored to meet our client’s needs, budgets and preferences.

This makes sense and as long as you have your Mikita battery-operated drills and power tools available so you can still work even though the power is out and you will have all day or all week to install the system and do it to perfection. Maybe the hurricane might be a good thing, as it will give you free time to install your new home audio system. Consider all this in 2006.

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